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LUNDS OK - the club on the plain that wins in the forest

Lunds OK is one of the biggest clubs in Skåne (south part of Sweden). Our members take part in the big competitions in Sweden like O-Ringen and 10mila. The Lunds OK clubhouse, Stallet, is placed on the edge of the Skrylle forest at Dalbybadet in northern Dalby. You are free to take part in our trainings and, of course, to be a member of the club during your stay in Lund.

The trainings are

Tuesdays – Orienteering from the club house Stallet or other places close to Dalby/Lund, starting at 18.00. Departure from Lund, MAXlab, at 17.30.
Thursdays – Running in Skrylle from the club house Stallet. During winter season (november-february) the Thursday training is in Lund instead with running and MAQ-training.
Look at the training page for maps to Stallet/Dalbybadet and MAXlab.


Don’t hesitate to take contact with us if you want to start orienteering. You can reach us by email mailto:This is a mailto link.

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Glasmästar´n i Lund

Lunds OK - Orientering
Box 2119
22002 Lund

Tel: 046201639, 046143989
E-post: This is a mailto link

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